"Since beginning this program with Cora I have found that my attitude towards food and weight loss has changed. I feel much more in control of what and when I eat. Being able to remove some trigger foods for myself has made a big difference. I no longer crave potatoes of any sort. Carbs have always been my downfall, whether it be potatoes, breads, sweets etc. Just removing the emotion connected with potatoes I also removed the craving for carbs." - Tammy S.

Crack the Code Podcast

Have you ever wondered what the heck is next for me?

I had worked a lot of traditional jobs as well as direct sales businesses over the years but never realized the success I was hoping for. On the outside I looked successful - but inside I wasn’t feeling it. I felt like an imposter. A chance encounter with an Emotion Code Practitioner started the ball rolling. That’s when I figured out that my “emotional baggage” was holding me back. Once I had “cracked the code” of my emotions I knew I could help other women do the same. I made a decision to start a free virtual co-working group.

I wasn’t sure if others would want to attend so I did a quick online survey and in no time I had a list of women that were interested in co-working - using this time either for business or self-care. Now I support women as they “crack their code” and release their non-serving negative emotions while they move forward.

Join us here as we chat with female experts in business and life as they share their inspirational stories and accomplishments. I am your Host Cora Naylor and this is the “Crack the Code” Podcast. You are invited to submit an guest application and schedule a pre-call with me, Cora, directly. I'd love to chat with you one on one to see ways we can create interesting content for the listeners. I'm looking forward to speaking with you soon.