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Make More Money in your Business

by Releasing Your Emotional Baggage

Make More Money

in your Business

by releasing the

Emotional Baggage

Hey Business Owner!

Before you hire one more coach, before you take one more online course, PLEASE read this page carefully.

  • I know that having a successful business is important to you.

  • I know that you have been struggling to find the right clients, pricing your offers, and managing your time.

  • You may feel like there is some invisible block that is keeping you from fulfilling your dreams.

  • I know that you have hired coaches, bought online courses, and maybe even joined a mastermind to help you figure out why no one is buying. But you didn’t get the results you were hoping for. The magic solution wasn’t hiding there either.

I’m going to share a secret with you.

  • It’s not your processes.

  • It's not your pricing.

  • It's not your time management.

  • It's not procrastination.

So, you might be wondering… “What is IT then”?

It’s your Emotional Baggage.

What if I told you that I discovered a tool that will help you release that emotional baggage that you have been carrying around with you, that is preventing you from finding the success you have been searching for? These big feelings of inadequacy, worthiness, insecurity, scarcity are rooted in events from our life experiences. And you may not even realize they are there. Oftentimes, this emotional baggage has been inherited from our family.

"Since beginning this program with Cora I have found that my attitude towards food and weight loss has changed. I feel much more in control of what and when I eat. Being able to remove some trigger foods for myself has made a big difference. I no longer crave potatoes of any sort. Carbs have always been my downfall, whether it be potatoes, breads, sweets etc. Just removing the emotion connected with potatoes I also removed the craving for carbs." - Tammy S.

Once you can release these non-serving emotions, you will see everything shift for you, just as it shifted for me.

As an introvert, getting out of my comfort zone to achieve what I want, has been a long process. My purpose is to help you quickly get a sense of your self-worth and value so you can move forward more quickly in your business. This process has made a huge difference in my own life and business. How I run my business has completely changed after I learned and applied the Emotion Code tool.

Don't take it from me...

My clients say, "after Cora released my inherited scarcity mindset I held the best workshop ever - with the most paying clients I've had", "I always feel lighter more creative and get way more done after our sessions", "I uncovered and release patterns that have kept me from making productive use of my work time".

Watch: How Emotion Code works

Before you sign up for one more program, or online course, before you invest in one more mastermind, I’d love to invite you to release the emotional baggage weighing you down first, and then let’s see how everything changes for you moving forward!